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Madeleine Schwinge, Conceptual artist, Curator

Madeleine Schwinge

Madeleine Schwinge (*1968) holds a degree in economics (Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, 1993), a certificate in systemic consulting (2001), a certificate in curation (Berlin University of the Arts, 2010), completed advanced studies in art history (Free University Berlin, 2003-2004) and fine arts (KUNSTGUT Academy of Fine Arts Berlin, 2011), and has been taught by renowned artists.


She anchors her multifaceted work at the intersections of art, curation, futurology, and systemic consulting in a metamodern art logic that oscillates between informed naiveté and pragmatic idealism, always pursuing an impossible possibility. 


For ten years she worked closely with transformational researcher and political scientist Dr. Petra Bock as her strategic advisor and in the development of an award-winning theory and method in the field of human thought patterns and behaviour. Since 2021, she has been a teaching coach in the team of the Dr. Bock Coaching Academy Germany.


As an entrepreneur, manager and consultant, she has successfully developed, accompanied and implemented multiple business models and strategy concepts since 1999 and has been invited as a speaker at congresses across different sectors.


Her artistic work has been nominated for the Social Art Award 2019, and exhibited in Germany, Austria and France. 


She is a member of KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin, Society for Artistic Research in Germany (gkfd) and WFSF World Future Studies Federation (a UNESCO Partner).


She created the concept EMBARKING FUTURE® and is founder and director of the re:future Lab Institute for Art and Future Design in Berlin, with satellites in Paris and beyond, which supports individuals and organizations to create systemic change in a sustainable way and realize design for positive futures.



re:future Lab Institute for Art and Future Design is a transdisciplinary platform that brings together artists, art experts, designers, architects, natural scientists, philosophers, anthropologists, sociologists and practitioners from economy and politics to discuss, research, develop and teach together.

EMBARKING FUTURE® - a journey to 'Holitopia'. Possible future realities can be experienced and practiced in formats ranging from art exhibitions, lectures, workshops, symposia, consulting and facilitating through to a future incubator. The visitors, participants, audiences and fellows experience how to navigate uncertain new territories, grasp the inherent opportunities, detect blind spots, and find alternative modes of action - in order to re-design their own life models, business plans, and strategies. 

The mission is ambitious: Catalyse the social dream of holitopia - for a good life on a healed planet.

"More than ever we need the transformational power of art as a signpost to new spaces of possibility. Art can make a valuable contribution to human shift and social transformation needed for the times ahead" (Madeleine Schwinge)

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